The conference will take place on 14-16 Sivan, 5778

(May 28-30, 2018)

Conference Schedule:

From Monday at 10:00 Through Wednesday at 15:00


In the luxurious hotel

Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu: Bucharest ,010051, Romania:

Featured Lecturers:

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glochovski

Rabbi of Chabad community of Rechovot
Senior member of Chabad Beis Din of Eretz Israel

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarski

Chana Boaz

Training women to gain self-awareness and to realize their full potential in relationships with the family and with others

Noa Ariel

Puppeteer working courageously for issues involving security in social settings, as well as domestic violence.

She has won a prize for Jewish culture in theatre from the Minister of Education

Sharona Natan

Educational counseling at Haifa University, an expert in parenting and the psychological development of children and teenagers.

She trains counselors to teach children how to protect themselves from any form of molestation

Duba Raskin

Senior lecturer and workshop leader on the topic of Jewish family life;

director of the Askilah Center in Beit Rivkah

Shari Goren

Personal trainer, workshop leader, and expert in guidance on early-childhood development

Dr. Sabin Zaguri

family practitioner and gynecologist

Inbal Schwartz

A naturopath and acupuncturist, and a yoga and pilates instructor

Kolel Tora Shluchos:70 euro

Single room for 2 days: EUR 160

Double room for 2 days 130 Euro

Single room for full participation: EUR 300

Double room for full participation: EUR 240

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Personal Information

We are not able to be responsible for hotel rooms and meals arrangements for extra time spent in Bucharest.

If you would like to arrive early and stay at the hotel before the seminar, or remain afterward, you must contact the hotel directly to arrange it.

We cannot take responsibility for any arrangements beyond the time of the seminar itself.

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